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Dylos DC1100 Air Quality Monitor
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Home Model  1 micron  /  5 micron


Now you can really see how clean the air is!

Retail Price  $187.99 + $12 S&H

Doctor's Model

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Dylos DC1100 Air Quality Monitor

Professional Model

0.5 micron and 2.5 micron reading

Retail Price   $248.99 + $12 S&H

Doctors Offices / Building Engineers / Testing Air Filters / Pharmaceutical / Clean Room Application


Keep the air your family breathes clean.

An advanced air quality monitor continuously checks your home particulate levels.  A true laser particle counter which counts and sizes individual airborne particles available for the first time at an affordable price. Great diagnostic tool for allergy and asthma suffers.  2 size ranges - small (fine dust, bacteria, mold, etc.) and large (coarse dust, pollen, dust mite debris, etc).  Data storage of up to 30 days of history for analysis.  Simple to use, compact (7.0 x 5.0 x3.5 inches), lightweight, and runs off 9V AC adaptor.

Just turn the unit on and read the number on the left side (1 micron size)

Home Model > 1 micron size particles

0 - 25 Excellent Air Quality

25 - 50 Very Good

50 - 100 Good

100 - 350 Fair

350 - 1000 Poor

1000 + Very Poor

HVAC Air Comfort / Indoor Air Quality Parameters
Thermometer HVAC Thermostat Controls Temperature
Hygrometer HVAC Humidistat Controls Humidity
Dylos Air Quality Monitor Laser Particle Counter Cleanair-Stat and Solid State Relay Controls Airborne Lung Damaging Dust Size Particles > 1 micron


Dylos Corporation's DC1100 Air Quality Monitor is the first monitor on the market that has been developed and tested for consumer use. Up until now, the only particulate air quality monitors available for purchase were the extremely high priced units that were sold to hospitals, laboratories, clean room facilities, etc. The DC1100, on the other hand, was designed expressly to meet the needs of the home or office environment at an affordable price.

True Laser Particle Counter
Counts individual particles
Sizes small and large particles
Immediate response to changing environment
Up to 30 days of stored history data

The DC1100 Air Quality Monitor provides you with the necessary information for you to assess whether or not your indoor air is clean. It helps you stay proactive in the health of your family and if used in conjunction with the tips provided, you will be able to make sure that you are doing all that you can to keep the air your family breathes clean.

All you need to do is simply plug it in and turn it on. The DC1100 will configure itself to continuously count the airborne particles in your home. The DC1100 will let you know if the steps you are taking to improve your air quality are really working or not. The DC1100 will let the consumer know if an $800 air purifier works any better than a $200 one in their home. This will save the consumer money by taking the guesswork out of improving air quality. To assist the consumer in these efforts the DC1100 stores up to 30 days of air quality history for review.



Friday Morning 9 am 9/14/2007 

outdoor houston laser.jpg (36256 bytes)  


Houston TX  

Particle count

After the grass has been cut

Friday Morning 9 am 9/14/2007

20700 particles

>1 micron size particles / ft3


A $26 Box Fan Room Air Cleaner

removes 90% of particles greater than 1 micron in 32 mins

box-fan-rear.jpg (32638 bytes)

box-fan-air-cleaner-1.jpg (37929 bytes)

Testing Equipment  Dylos Laser Particle Counter

20 inch box fan ran on low speed and 3m filtrete air filter

Indoor IAQ Test Initial  conditions 

3300 particles / ft3 >1 micron size particles

72 degrees F    -   52% RH

32 min test using 3M Filtrete air filter

3M # 1085 red wrapper air filter $12  Lowes

Indoor Monitor

gives you a history



days - up to 30 days


32 minute Indoor IAQ Test  on >1 micron size particles / ft3

Initial  condition 3300 particles/ ft3

2 mins later reading 2000 particles/ ft3

27 mins later reading 600 particles/ ft3

32 mins later reading 300 particles/ ft3

90% reduction in >1 micron size particles in 32 minutes

300-particles-hepa-type.jpg (15643 bytes)


Initial  condition 3300 particles / ft3 >1 micron size particles

laser particle counter.jpg (49386 bytes)

32 minute IAQ Test

Inside my office

Indoor Particle Count

Initial Conditions

3300 particles

>1 micron size particles / ft3



2 mins later


30-mins-ago.jpg (21981 bytes) 2 mins later reading

2000 particles 

>1 micron size particles / ft3



27 mins later


5-min-ago.jpg (22691 bytes) 27 mins later reading

600  particles  >1 micron size particles / ft3



32 mins later


300-particles-hepa-filter.jpg (20127 bytes) 31 mins later reading

300 - >1 micron size particles / ft3


Box Fan ROOM Air Cleaner

20 inch Box Fan & 3M Filtrete 1085 Air Filter reduced 90% >1 micron size particles in 32 minutes




I just found a very useful tool for our air cleaning business
It's a very inexpensive laser particle counter
I went over to my sisters house yesterday and used this counter

Just turn the thermostat fan on / auto switch to the ON position  

Set the thermostat heat / off / cool switch to the OFF position

Were are just using the fan blower in the central ac system to clean the air with the 3m filtrete 1085 air filter.
She had a 5 week old 20 x 25 x 1 polyester air filter ($2 at the ac supply house).
The air quality to start with was about 62 reading  (6200 particles >1 micron size particles per cubic foot) in the living room.
I bought at lowes one of the 3m brand filtrete filters 20 x 25 x 1 in the red wrapper 1085  ($12) and placed it in the ceiling return air grille.
I was able to reduce 60% >1 micron particles.
It lowered the particle count to about 24 reading (2400 particles  >1 micron size particles).
6200 particles reduced to 2400 particles >1 micron particles in about 30 mins time 1600 sq ft house.

60% reduction in >1 micron size particles in 30 mins.
Now we have an inexpensive air monitoring tool to sell higher quality filters.

Air conditioning contractor can now sell more expensive return air filters / air cleaners to there customers and show them results with this simple test just turning on the fan with a 3M Filtrete Air Filter.

Home Depot in Houston TX

The 3M #1085 filtrete air filters are to restrictive for air conditioning systems because the return air part of the air conditioning system is undersized / too small in most homes.

I went to home depot and talked with the home depot manager about the 3m filtrete he told me that he personally does not recommend the 3m filtrete filter because it's to air restrictive for most air conditioning systems.

(Many air conditioning contractors I know agree with the store manager too.)

I told him that he is exactly right in almost every air conditioning installation the 3m #1085 air filter is to restrictive.

I pointed out to him that this situation can be corrected by a Licensed AC Contractor by installing another return air duct and air filter grille. 

200 - 300 min to 400 max sq inches air filter per ton ac (400 cfm / 12,000 btu)

You can always enlarge the return air system when you install a new high efficiency Air Conditioning System in your home.

Designing your Central Air

Conditioning System

using 3M Filtrete 1085 Air Filter

pressure drop 0.12 - 0.14 " WG

200 sq in - 300 sq in - 400 sq in / ton AC

Test Data From 3M

Micro Allergen 1000
1-10 microns - 80%
pressure drop .20

300 FPM Velocity

1200 cfm

24 x 24 x 1 Air Filter

Tons AC

(12,000 btu / ton AC)

# sq inches of air filter air filter sizes
5 tons (60,000 btu)

Air Conditioning System using 3M Filtrete 1085

1000 - 1500 - 2000 sq inches of air filter 2 to 4  filters

20 x 25 x 1 or 

20 x 30 x 1

4 ton (48,000 btu)

Air Conditioning System using 3M Filtrete 1085

800 - 1200 - 1600 sq inches 2 to 4  filters 

20 x 25 x 1 or

2 to 3 filters   

20 x 30 X 1

3 tons (36,000 btu)

Air Conditioning System using 3M Filtrete 1085

600 - 900 - 1200 sq inches 1 to 2  filters

20 x 25 x 1 or 

20 x 30 x 1

2 tons (24,000 btu)

Air Conditioning System using 3M Filtrete 1085

400 - 600 - 800 sq inches 1 to 2  filter 

20 x 25 x 1 or

16 x 25 x 1

20 x 20 x 1

sandy reifler 1-800-321-1096 

You can measure air quality in the respiratory range > 1 micron size.

Indoor air in old and new homes, Building and Office IAQ, Vacuum Cleaners, Room Air Cleaners, Outdoor Air, Measure air quality from a furnace air filter.


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